Deluxe Edition - The "Whole Ball of Wax"
Where kids love getting mastery of multiplication and division facts with almost no memorization!
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Dynamically Updated
Full MathHacked Card System (including division)
Complete Online  MathHacked  Learning System (including division)
Find encouragement and support with us into the philosophies that power MathHacked through Fresh Ideas Foundations beta course via Millennial Paradigm Closed Facebook Group

"If you want to make minor changes in your life, work on your behavior. But if you want to make significant, quantum changes, work on your paradigms."

~Stephen R. Covey

Deluxe Edition Includes
  • 14 Online Training Modules
  • 198 Basic Cards 
  • Box and Tabs 
  • 3 Bonus Modules (including Division) 
  • 12 Concept Cards 
  • 20 Quote Cards 
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